Hi and Welcome!
 My name is Agnieszka, I'm a polish artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Dublin, Ireland.
I have created this space to share my passion for illustration and art. I am obsessed with the moon and its energy. My art is a reflection of my spiritual journey that started a few years ago. 
All my artwork is created under the moonlight using “Moon Water', the energy of crystals and herbs, that is why each of my pieces has a bit of magic. 
Musical instruments like the shamanic drums, Tibetan sighing bowls and bells are helping me to transmit the healing energy and positive vibes through my work.
I love to experiment with different styles and allow myself to experience the true creative freedom. I play with the colours, textures and follow my heart and intuition.
Travelling is one of my biggest passions, as I like to learn about new cultures and discover the mystery of life from different perspectives. These journeys have a great influence on my and my art.
By day I work as graphic designer, by night guided by the moon I turn into Madam Luna (by the way Luna is my true surname), so this is fate :)
For me, the personal touch is essential. I carefully print and pack all my artwork at my home studio. I am always happy and honoured when someone purchases my work, so I send them with the best intentions and love.
I hope you enjoy browsing my shop and you will find something you fall in love with. Thank you, I appreciate all your support.
Follow my story, ask me a question or simply say hello on any of my social media. 
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